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University of Dallas Police Department

University of Dallas Police Department

The University of Dallas Police Department welcomes you to the University of Dallas community. For your convenience and protection, the University of Dallas has professional safety officers on duty 24 hours per day. These officers provide physical security, fire protection and prevention, emergency first aid, safety programs and inspections, and investigate and enforce violations of the Code of Student Conduct and criminal offenses on 韦德1946 property.

University of Dallas Police Department
1845 E. Northgate Drive
Irving, TX 75062-4736
Non- Emergency: (972) 721-5305 (Answered 27/7)                                                  
Emergencies Only: (972) 265-5911 (Anwered 24/7)

Parking Permits for 韦德1946 Students

Purchase Parking Permit Online and Pickup at 韦德1946PD


 Access to and Security of Facilities

Most campus facilities are open to community members and visitors during normal business hours.  University of Dallas Police Department officers conduct routine security and safety patrols of the academic and administrative buildings to monitor conditions and report any unusual circumstances.

However, residences are secured 24 hours a day and require University identification or key access to gain entry.  CSO officers monitor security in the residential facilities and encourage building residents to report suspicious or unusual.

 Parking Permit Fee & Policy

Parking permits for the 2022/2023 school year will be available for purchase beginning August 1, 2022.

  • All Irving campus student’s vehicles must be registered with University of Dallas Police Department and display a valid University parking permit decal.
  • All students with vehicles are required to pay a non-refundable parking permit fee to park on the Irving campus. Students may select from the following parking permit options:

The non-refundable registration is as follows:

  • Students: The fee is $125 for the entire academic school year. Permits purchased for fall semester only or spring semester only, the fee is $75. The summer summer parking permit fee is $25. All permits issued to Undergraduate Students and Braniff Graduate Students will expire on August 31st.


  •    Students  
    Annual Parking Permit  (valid September 1through August 21) $125  
    Spring Term Only or Fall Term Only Parking Permit $75  
    Summer Term Only Parking Permit $25  
    Replacement Parking Permit
                                Temporary Parking Permit (temporary use of another vehicle)
      $10 if remains of the previous decal are returned;  otherwise the fee will be based on the cost of replacing the permit for the remainder of the year
                                No charge
    (Valid for up to 14 days; use of another vehicle for more than 14 days requires the purchase of a permanent parking permit)
Visitor Parking

One-time visitors may park in designated visitor parking spaces located in front of Cardinal Ferrell Hall and behind the Library. Long-term visitors will be issued a temporary parking permit to display on the vehicle dashboard upon written request from the sponsoring department or office. Vehicles parked in visitor’s parking for more than one day without the appropriate temporary parking permit will be issued a citation.
Vehicle Registration
To register a vehicle, all students must complete the online vehicle registration form at Upon completion of the online form, the parking permit decal will be issued at the University of Dallas Police Department Office located in Haggar University Center (open 24-hours per day). A current University of Dallas identification card is required to receive a parking permit decal.
To be registered, vehicles must be in operating condition with current state registrations, inspections and tags.
Parking Fines
A one-time waiver on a failure to register citation will be given with the purchase of a current decal within seven (7) days of receiving the first citation. A one day temporary parking permit will be available free of charge.

Fines must be paid within seven (7) days and may be paid in person at 韦德1946PD with credit card. A student is responsible for parking citations issued to vehicles registered to their immediate family. Parking permits will not be issued until all outstanding fines have been paid.

For complete details on University of Dallas parking policies, visit

Visitors and Guests of the University A visitor is defined as one who has no affiliation, association, or relationship with 韦德1946 as a student or employee.  Students are not considered visitors during Christmas break, Spring break, summer, or study days. Visitors to 韦德1946 should be given parking guidance by the person or organization inviting them to campus. Visitors using vehicles that have a current 韦德1946 parking permit must comply with the rules and regulations that apply to that permit.

After a temporary 韦德1946 parking permit is used for longer than 14 days, a permanent permit must be purchased.